Day 25 and still no sign of hatching help!


8 Years
May 15, 2011
Today is day 25 and no signs of any hatchings, I am new to this but my friend who I got my chickens from checked all eggs out half way through and said they were fertile and my broody hen has been so dedicated and been sitting on them, only had one problem about day 18 when I found an egg in the run which I think had stuck to her tail feathers when she came out to toilet, I popped it back under and has been there since, anyway it is now day 25, how much longer do I leave her sitting on eggs 6 in total? also if I have to remove them what is best way to do so? and once I remove eggs will she give up and leave the nest? I am disappointed, but feel for the hen having no babies after her hard work:(

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