Day 28!


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Jan 25, 2008
It's official, I have now passed over the time I set the eggs 28 days ago. *deep breath* I had two eggs up until last night, when the broody decided to eat one... So the last egg was moved under our broody turkey to finish it's last few days.

Here's hoping and praying!!

I'm pacing too Steve! I keep bugging that poor turkey hen and she does he best to hiss me off the nest. I try not to bug her too, too much.

I just candled it and it appears to have two air bubbles, one of which moves freely... I can assume this isn't suppose to be there.

I don't think it's going to hatch. I placed it back under the hen, just incase, but I know that chicken eggs are usually packed tight come hatch day.

I just have the WORST luck when it comes to peafowl! Hubby tried to confort asking "Do you think it may be God telling you it's not time for us to have peafowl yet?" So I suppose this is my last attempt for a while. I get so hopeful everytime I get eggs.

First four eggs were placed under a broody. I let her out to dustbathe and upon returning to the nest, she stepped on an egg, broke, and ate it. I took the rest away and placed them in my incubator. One made it all the way to hatch and then died.

Bought an adult Emerauld Spalding pair, excited that they are adults and easier to keep and raise than eggs or chicks. Neglected to the point of no-return by the previous owner. The hen dies, I demand my money back and return both the dead hen and the dying cock.

Recieved four more eggs, placed them under a different hen, with it being her second time being broody. All four where developing beautifully and then the hen pooped on them. I washed them off with a cloth with warm water, I busted one. It had a baby pea in it, it died. Three eggs left, came back, the broody had eaten one. I excuse it as rotten and she finished it. A week later she eats another! Take the egg from her and gave it to the turkey. Held out hoping that this last egg with hatch, but upon candling, don't think it's suppose to have a mobile air bubble. -.-

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Were the eggs shipped? Peaeggs seem to handle shipping far more poorly.. might have to do with size of the egg/yolk/whoknowswhy. And on top of it, they are harder to successfully incubate than anything else.

I simply don't buy peaeggs at all.. I go with birds 4-6 months old or older.. either bought locally(yeah right, try finding ANY color besides blue within 100 miles of me.. I did manage to find a very few whites, 2 pieds and a couple white eyeds plus (shockingly!)several pure Java greens) or shipped in from other states.

I also am very reluctant to sell eggs for similar reasons, especially not thrilled about shipping eggs- risk of unhappy or angry customers is high.. even though it seems people only want eggs, shrug.

I'd suggest looking into healthy birds a couple months old or older. Much more expensive but far less headache.. usually!
I picked the eggs up, they weren't shipped.

It's just my luck. LOL

You just had some bad luck, bad broody hens. Ones a chicken start eating egg, they always will.

Dont give up.

As far as shipped eggs, need to compare cost of chick ver cost of eggs and shipping cost. Remember 50% hatch rate.

Peachick shipping cost 35.00 and up.
Eggs shipping cost 10.00 for 5 eggs

I ship hundreds every year the eggs make the trip great, and most would get at least 2 to hatch from my 4 egg auction. I hear feedback like turkey broken the eggs, electric went out, goose got eggs muddy, or people trying to use cheap incubators to hatch.
Also first time hatching.

Remember also after you hatch them, you will have to get the peachicks past that first month.

Just dont give up.

For people who know how to hatch peafowl, ship eggs are not as big as a risk, but 50% hatch rate would be good.
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