Day 3 of Corid and 3 new weak ones...

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    I'm so frustrated. I have lost two chicks, about two weeks apart, and three more are on their way to death.

    The first one was 4 weeks old (Mille fleur D'Uccle) and the second was 6 weeks old (bantam Ameraucana). Both started out weak, and then progressing to not eating/drinking and lethargic (they experienced this "illness" 2 weeks apart). Watery, runny poos at the very end (when I picked them up after they had passed), but normal formed chick poo up until then. No bloody poops. So when the second one started getting lethargic she was looking puffed up. So I started the rest of them (now 10) on Corid. I separated the sick ones immediately.

    It's day 3 today on the meds, and now I've got 2 more puffed up and sleepy. The biggest chick, a black sex link, is now standing with her eyes shut for most of the day. The other is stumbling around or sleeping. They haven't had any treats, have had ACV in their water, and have been living in spacious conditions: pine shavings in coop, sand in covered run.

    I'm not new to chickens...just new to this chick death/illness. I'm now giving scrambled egg mixed with chick starter, dropper feeding medicated water to the sick ones...what else should I be doing??? Should I still be seeing new cocci effects after 3 days on Corid (1 tsp powder/gallon of water)?

    Thank you for any advice...
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    I'm by far no pro but from what i've read, bloody poo is the main sign of cocci. I also read not to give any medicated feed with corid.

    Here's a few links, I hope they help. Info/Parasites/Coccidiosis.html

    I had bought a bunch of polish from somebody nearby and they started dropping off like flies. It sounds like what your experiencing. Although I never figured out what was wrong and I lost all of them. Everyday I would lose one or two till they where all gone. They would seem fine then runny poo, then stop eating and drinking then sleeping alot then die. Never bloody poo.

    I hope you find out whats wrong.[​IMG]
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    If it were me I'd switch to Sulmet and see what happened.

    When I used Corid it worked in 24 hours.

    If you read these links, you will see that different strains of cocci are treated by the drugs.

    I believe there are 9 strains total out there...don't quote me on it...others have posted on this.

    If you are pretty sure it is coccidosis I would switch to the other drug.

    Bloody poo doesn't have to be present for it to be coccidiosis.
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    Also check them thoroughly for lice and mites. They can cause similar symptoms.

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