Day 7 of 2nd hatching attempt


11 Years
Aug 24, 2008
We set our Hamburg eggs and the eggs we got from our Silkies (hmm ... Silkie and a Faverolle ... a Filkie?
). Still not great with candling but it looks like we have a few developing chicks. There was movement in a couple of the eggs
. Some we could see definite veining in and some we couldn't tell because of the egg shell. We're guessing that four or five of the eight Hamburg eggs we have are infertile, but not removing anything at this point since we are inexperienced and there is no seepage or odor.

I'm kind of confused about the blood rings though. Some of the eggs had a definite red line but it didn't go all the way around the egg. It was just a line. Would that be considered a blood ring?

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