Day 8...Candled Eggs...


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
Well i candled my 8 eggs today and all were doing great but 2...i seen blood spot's but no vein' i cracked them open and it was just yolk....but all my other's are great ! vein's and eyes :) so i am hoping they grow and do well !
Oh and one of my eggs when i candled it i can see the eye and good veining and when i turned it around to look at it the air sac moved on the other side....i know this is not normal but as long as i don't move it anymore to candle it do you think it will be ok ? or will it die ?
It should be ok. Sometimes w/ shipped eggs you can get broken air cells and those pretty much won't develop. Also you can get an air cell which is loose. That sounds like what you might have. It should be ok. I have seen eggs w/ loose air cells do fine. Good luck.
Thanks and i hope they do well also :) i asked my mom because she had hatched some before and she said she had some that done that and hers turned out fine i think out of her 20 shipped eggs there were maybe 5 that were fine and the rest were detatched...but they all hatched out fine......So i have my finger's crossed

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