Day Late - Hasn't pipped - can feel it moving


14 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Valdez, Alaska
Hatching Ancona eggs. 6 out of 7 hatched. One in the incubator still. It has broken through air cell and moving, but no pip. This is one day after hatch date. I am sitting on my hands. Oh dear - what to do?
Sit a while longer. Every time I have "helped" but one, the chick had issues. I lost two that I didn't help that may have had a chance. But if cheeping and rolling stops, I'd tap a bit and if no strong response, I'd pip the end of the air cell.
I just candled it to see if it was still moving. It is very much alive I can hear it chirping loud and see it moving.
Candled the egg before going home and the little guy had gone to ducky heaven. Poor little one... must have had some problems, I noticed a slight hairline crack in the egg which had been shipped. That might have had something to do with it. Well feel real lucky to have 6 healthy ducklings. Sometimes it just wasn't meant to be.
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