Day old Chicks!!: 40+ breeds available: English Orpingtons, Auto Sexing Breeds, Partridge Brahmas,

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    Feb 16, 2012
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    THIS AD IS CURRENT. IT WAS STARTED IN 2013 BUT IS UPDATED WEEKLY!! I am currently shipping weekly. Prices are from $6-70 per chick depending on the breed. I will update prices on here soon but for now, all prices are listed on my website.

    I have more than 80 breeding pens and coops
    Send a PM TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP or visit website to order directly:

    Minimum chick order is 6. Keep in mind that I will generally send 1-3 extra chicks per order depending on the hatch AND number of chicks ordered.
    SHIPPING cost is based on zip code and ranges from $35-45 for express mail up to 20 day old chicks.

    What follows are the breeds and colors I will be working with this year: 2017. I have removed the price chart for now as it is out of date. I will put it back later when all prices are finalized. For now all prices can be seen on my website or you can message me for the price.

    general breeds available: UPDATED

    ORPINGTONS: Black pullets, Black straight run, Blue Cuckoo, Blue pullets, Blue Silver Laced, Blue straight run, Blue Jubilee, Blue Mottled, Black Mottled, Chocolate pullet, Chocolate straight run, Chocolate cuckoo, Cuckoo, Gold laced, Jubilee, Lavender pullet, Lavender straight run, Lavender Cuckoo, Lavender Mottled, Lemon Cuckoo, Partridge, Silver Laced, Spangled/Mottled.
    AUTO-SEXING BREEDS: Bielefelders, Crested Cream Legbars, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Olive Eggers, Rhodebars, 55 Flowery Hens
    MARANS: Blue Copper, Black Copper, Golden Cuckoo, lavender, Splash Copper
    EASTER EGGERS: frizzled and smooth
    WYANDOTTES: blue, black, and splash laced red wyandottes
    BANTAMS: silkies and sizzles, frizzled and smooth
    FIBRO: ayam cemani, svart hona (swedish black hen)

    LAYING AND FERTILITY CONFIRMED (* means I'm actively shipping orders, if no star then not enough eggs being lay to actively ship orders of 8 or more eggs, but likely going out in variety packs or small variety eggs orders, or being set for chick orders)

    Autosexing/sex linked:

    • 55 flowery hens
    • golden cuckoo marans (1 pen)*
    • legbar (1-2 hens laying)*
    • olive eggers
    • rhodebars (1-2 hens laying)
    • silkies/sizzles-4 pens*
    • serama
    • blue/black/splash (bbs) partridge and bbs buff colombian*

    • ayam cemani*
    • swedish black hen*
    • bbs (blue/black/splash) copper*
    • golden cuckoo*
    • lavender*
    • bbs (blue/black/splash) mottled (3 pens)*
    • blue/buff columbian
    • blue laced red project
    • chocolate cuckoo*
    • chocolate split to mottled
    • cuckoo/lavender cuckoo
    • jubilee/blue jubilee 2 pens*
    • lavender*
    • lavender cuckoo*
    • lavender mottled 1 pen
    • mille fleur project
    • mottled
    • sex linked bbs orps
    • sex linked chocolate/black (mottled and split to mottled)*
    • silver laced 1 pen*
    • easter eggers 2 pens*
    • jubilee orp/tolbunt polish project
    • rainbow layer pen (olive eggers, marans, and ameraucanas)
    • bbs laced red
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  2. pwyll

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    Aug 26, 2012
    What bloodlines are your Black copper Marans, do they meet the french standard, What sort of availability do you have on these?

    I'd be open to hatching eggs but the hatch rate I've gotten from shipped eggs hasn't been very good and I'm a bit "gun shy" about them.

  3. Papa Brooder

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Redding, CA
    They can't be defined as one line at this point as I have culled and combined. Most of the hens are wade jean line (hens direct). Roos were hatched from eggs from wade jean line. Additionally i have at least 2-3 bev davis hens in there. so, they are blended at this point. The have leg feathering, I've not hatched any clean leg that I am aware out of hundreds of chicks. I currently only have 3 week old or 4 week old chicks available. So, they are basically at or very close to the point of being able to sex. Additionally I set an entire flat of eggs earlier this week, so in 2 1/2 weeks I will have plenty of chicks.
  4. mshuntjump

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    Feb 13, 2012
    Memphis, TN
    Do you have any juvenile Lav Orp cockerels available? And where do they come from?
  5. Papa Brooder

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Redding, CA
    They are HInk JC Mountain poultry. Unfortunately I do not. I honestly don't have any juveniles. everything I have hatched has sold before they were two weeks old. I do have quite a few eggs in the incubator so I could potentially have chicks or sexed juveniles in late June.
  6. mamachick96101

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    May 16, 2013
    Do you allow pickup? I live fairy close to your area and travel there frequently
  7. Papa Brooder

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Redding, CA

    Yes for sure. Pick up gives you a lot more options to take different ages if need be as well to get all the breeds you are looking for. Just let me know what you are interested in and I can tell you if I have it coming up or on hand or if I would need to custom hatch for you.
  8. austyn_stephenson

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    Mar 13, 2009
    I am looking for some orpingtons and Ameraucana's! I'd like some of the blue and white Ameraucana's and some lavender orpingtons! How much is it to ship to Texas?
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  9. Papa Brooder

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Redding, CA
    shipping is standard $40 express. i could set for that order next week if you would like. send me a PM with quantities. we could ship 3 week from monday. I have lavenders on hand and few ameracauanas but not that many. been selling a lot of eggs so haven't hatched many chicks and I left a broody to hatch some for me who ended up not being a good broody so nothing hatched.

    anyway, just let me know. I do have two juvenile blue ameracauna pullets and perhaps some lavenders a few weeks behind that are another option as started birds.
  10. keesmom

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Where did your Faverolles come from?

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