day old Serama chick-help with leg, any advice?PLEASE!!PICS!


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My second Serama chick hatched this morning, by himself, but his left leg looks like he's trying to do a high kick like a rockette
I had to help one of my ducks with his leg right after he hatched, but that one was the opposite problem & was easy to fix. I just can't quite figure out how to get his leg to go down to the normal position. He can move it just fine, but he can't walk properly because it's in the "up" position, so I'm having to hand water and feed him. Maybe he'll grow out of it? Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!

Here's a couple pics so you can see what I mean...

Try taking a band-aid and putting the gauze center directly in between the legs (you will have to straighten them yourself of course) and wrap the sticky parts around the back. Make sure you line the legs up with the edges of the center. This should straighten the legs out. You will have to leave it on there for a day or two. Maybe even longer. You may have to change the band aid after a day because if dirt gets under the stick it will come off.
Hmm... Ok, I think I can picture what you mean
I didn't think of that. It'll act like a split type of thing, right? I'll try it! Thanks!!
Well, here's the scoop... I got his bad leg into a good position, and it is no longer going straight and up towards his head. The bad news is that the leg that was fine, is now doing the same thing, plus his toes are all togetherand he doesn't really do anything with them
I wrapped that leg, but for some reason, I just can't get the leg to stay in the correct position like I did with the other leg. On this leg, I can feel the tendon slipping. It makes me cringe, but I don't want to give up on him - he's full of spunk and is really giving it all his effort. Here's a pic before his other leg went goofy...

Im so so sorry!! I hate messing with chicks when they have problems. Its so hard to try to fix tiny delicate seramas and Im so sad if I ever lose one. Im sure you can help this little one out! Im rooting for you both!
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