Daytona's Pedicure....Dinner now included!!!!!

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  1. Hi, I am Daytona and I really was in dire need for a pedicure. SO... I found my momma and just gave her this face... what do you think? good enough????


    Of course it was! the nice foot bath of epsome salts and warm water... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by the way, how do my brows look? do they need plucked?


    Seems to me that the foot bath has shrunk since last time i was here. OR maybe my feet are bigger? 'course not. cant be that.


    So, as we chat, i hope you dont mind that I soak.....


    Feels soooo nice.....

    Wait, oh my, what time is it???? No... I was supposed to meet Bird for dinner!!! oh my oh myyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BIRDDDDDD oh BIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD do you hear me? I will be down sooooooonnnn sweety!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course, Bird was right outside of the window of the 'salon' and called right back to her.....


    Yes, my dear! I am hear and waiting for you!!!!!! but please dont be to long....

    As Bird waited for Daytona, the young 'uns snickered in the corner.... "what? Bird wait for one of us????? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Peaches laughed...


    Bird had overhead the young girls and started to feel bad. "Was he getting taken advantage of?" he thought?


    and off Bird went to find another date to take to dinner..... He ran into Angel and promptly asked her out...


    He didnt realize she had her back to him laughing......

    Bird ran off and found Frick. hm.... maybe SHE would go to dinner with him? He asked and...


    she laughed and ran away..

    The twins even ran as he approached!!! "Run Peaches!!!" Princess yelled.


    Just then, Daytona was leaving the spa and salon and telling her sister Sandy goodbye.


    "Here I am Bird! Here I am!!!! Lets goooo!!!!!" clucked Daytona. and off they went....

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    Too cute!
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    What a precious story! Loved the fact that you put pictures with the phrases. I want to hear how the dinner went!! [​IMG]
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    that is just to freakin adorable!!! yes and how did dinner go? Did they have eggs? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    LOL, beautiful story and SO nice to see how great your chickies are treated!! I love their dust pool, what did you put in it? Don't they poop in it or do you have to clean it out/replace the dust regularly? What is the plastic thing, something for human kids? (I'd love to get one for ours that's why I'm asking)
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    and in the second pic of Bird, he DOES look worried! [​IMG]
  7. the green sand box is one of those turtle boxes.



    I used it in the spring for the 'new girls' when they were in a separate pen. then i moved it into the big pen when they all got joined together. I had a few bags of sand laying around from the garden and I put it in there when our weater was in the 90's becase it was wet and cool. They just loved it. SO, they have their dust box with peat moss, and thier sand box. They dont seem to poop in it at all either. Such good girls.

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    I absolutely love your flock and stories! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That is a cute story. You have a lovely flock. What did Bird and Daytona have for dinner? [​IMG]
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  10. well, it seems that MayMay was their chef for the night.


    and she decided to bbq on the grill for Daytona and Superbird. HOWEVER 'Bird did not want to let her BBQ. "he stated that no one cooks like me!"


    the salad prep crew went and found fresh veggies for a salad.

    yum, green tomatoes...

    and broccoli!

    and brussel sprouts!!!

    Bird and Daytonas waitress was found sleeping on the job.


    and the line and cook staff were so upset about Bird cooking...


    that they all walked out.


    So Bird and Daytona just drove back to the coop and called it a night.


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