DCP for ducks?


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Oct 3, 2012
Western Sydney, Australia
Howdy all,

Ive had trouble getting ducklings as some of you may have read. The threads are on incubating and hatching as well as ducks and you can find them on my profile page.

I recently found out my horses have a vitamin and mineral imbalance, so Im feeding them some supplements, one of which is Dicalcium phosphate. Im wondering if the ducks might have the same imbalance - given that its in our soil - and this might be the reason my ducklings develop to about 3 weeks old (in egg) and then die. I thought they got enough calcium as I make egg and biscuit for them leaving the shells in, but I mostly use their OWN eggs, so if they are deficient thats not helping them. There is also calcium present in the pellet and seed mixes I give, but the horses have to be overloaded because the effects of our pasture means the calcium is stripped out, so the ducks might not be getting enough this way, especially if the horses werent too.

Can I give the ducks DCP? I cant find anything against it after researching through google, only that the grainular form is preferred for poultry, and I have powder. It would be all too easy to add a handful of powder to their seed, I just dont want to hurt them. Any thoughts welcome, thankyou.
Is there an state agricultural college in your area? I'd look up the poultry department and ask them. Good question! I give my ducks liquid calcium gluconate when I want to pop up the calcium, and a couple of my ducks have needed prescription Neocalglucon.
Thanks for your reply Amiga,

I went ahead an put in a small handful, as I cant find any info against it. They seem to like it! Begging much more noisily for food than usual. I put in my feed order this week so I will ask at my feed place, lots of duck owners there.

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