De worming recipe thoughts, advice?


May 24, 2016
Hello I'm a new BYC member and I want to ask what you all think of my de worming recipe.

Here it is

De worming mix

two tbsps of cayenne pepper

half a clove of garlic

half an onion

A small handful of pumpkin seeds

around a cup or more of ACV

Whatever looks good to pop in e.g.random fruit.

Oat porridge

a cup and half of oats

a cup and some of milk(I estimate when I make the porridge)

The cayenne, garlic, onions all get soaked in the ACV overnight in a jar and in the morning get poured into the oat porridge

What do you think? Is it a good recipe?

I fed them for a whole week on that stuff. Unfortunately they seemed to get a little tired of it in the last few days... Perhaps I need to change it. Also is continual feeding of these ingredients okay? I don't want to find out I've been overdosing them or something...

The worms are quite small most of the time all I see are segments.

Anyway any advice, thoughts, your own recipes are all very welcome!
Welcome to BYC. Can you post pictures of any droppings that have obvious worms in them? Chickens can get several types of worms such as round worms, cecal (heterakis) worms, capillaria (thread or hair worms,) tapeworms, gapeworm, and eye worm. The last 4 are less common, hard to see, and very serious, so having a fecal float by your local vet on several fresh droppings, might be something you would want to do. Online you may see a lot of possible treatments for worms, but most are not substantiated by reasearch. Most dewormers are not approved for use in commercial poultry, but there are several that are found to be very good, so are commonly used by backyard chicken people. Those are Wazine (only will treat round worms,) fenbendazole (SafeGuard eqine paste and liquid goat wormer,) Valbazen sheep and cattle wormer, Wormout Gel, Levamisole, and possibly others. If you actually are seeing worms, I would use a commercial wormer, and then between times, you can use the natural prevention. As with any subject on BYC, you will get varied opinions. I have tried the pumpkin seeds, cayenne, and garlic, and it doesn't work for me. Here are a few good threads with info:
The worms were very tiny. I don't have any pics of the worms right now but I'll post some when I can. Ah okay, I should use a commercial one then right if the natural remedies aren't that strong? Because I first discovered the worms through close examination of the chicken's droppings...

Thanks though for the info and the links they were quite helpful.

Also by the way when you tried pumpkin seeds, cayenne, and garlic did it seem to at the least have any effect at all?
Even when chickens have worms, you won't see them in the poop that often. A fecal test done on fresh droppings (collect several from different birds) is the only way to tell what they have. Roundworms, easily seen, are all I have ever been able to see, and they occured after the home remedies. Tapeworms are seen in poop as small white slightly flat sections of a larger tapeworm (which may also be seen.) You may see movement in the dropping when it is fresh. Those can be very difficult to control, and may be treated with Zimecterin Gold. Cecal worms and capillaria worms are difficult to see without a microscope, but here are some that may be visible to the eye:


Tapeworm segment--photo by chickencrazy21 Gapeworm in a trachea-Flytes of Fancy





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