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    Oct 21, 2010
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    What does DE spell? What is DE? How to put DE down in pine shavings? Thank You!
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    Diatomaceous earth - tiny little silica-laden skeletons of diatoms. Very irritating to eyes and mucus membranes, so handle with care!

    They are used to prevent fly infestations and such (they are sharp and kill soft-bodied bugs by slicing them to pieces - arh!)

    You may find people who recommend against it, but many people use them. I have not yet had to. But if I were to try, I would get the ducks and chickens far away from the area first, and for maybe half an hour afterward, for the dust to settle. Some people are not that cautious, but I know of at least one duck who has had serious lung trouble after inhaling the dust.

    Anyway, I would then put a fine dusting of the DE down, stir it in carefully, and cover with four or so inches of shavings on top of that. I would not want to lose any of my ducks by something that's supposed to help.

    Food grade DE is what is needed - there is a DE for pool filters that is not recommended - it is even more dangerous, I think (may not remember the reason correctly).
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    It's Diatomaceus Earth.

    It's the fossilized remains for diatoms (algae).

    I have a small bag of food-grade DE that i sprinkle around the outside of the aviary every month or so and just a little bit around the edges of the aviary.

    One of it's uses is as an insecticide.
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    Thank you [​IMG]

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