Dead guinea. What would have just taken the eyes?

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May 29, 2022
We have everything around here- hawks, eagles, raccoons, foxes, ermine, fishers, skunks. We found a dead guinea right near the fence on the inside, some feathers around, gash in its head and no eyes. Nothing else was eaten. Either it was left out solo overnight accidentally or it happened first thing in the morning when they were let out into the yard. We have a pretty tight coop and the coop wasn't broken into. It was definitely killed in the yard. So weird to just go after the eyes though. What do you guys think we are dealing with here?
Mystery solved, I think! I counted them a bit later and while one was dead with it's eyes pecked out, there was a whole other guinea completely gone! Then I heard the crows going crazy outside an hour or so later and went out there and an enormous bird was circling the backyard checking us out. After looking at the pics I think it was an eagle. So that's probably our culprit. He probably carried one off completely and pecked the other's eyes out. Poor guinea.

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