Dead Pullet

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9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Southern CA
Just got home from work and found one of my girls dead, missing her head. Her body was open and partially eaten. This was done during the day, so not a raccoon. Any ideas of what got her. Would a hawk do this? I've been searching the forum, but have not yet come across this question.

Thank you for your help.
Usually when a hawk takes its prey there isn't any evudence except maybe some feathers. Do you have skunks in your area? Sorry for loss.
Hmmm. We have two large dogs that would chase a skunk or raccoon out of the yard like they do the squirrels. I haven't seen any around my house, but neighbors a few blocks away said that a raccoon was eating the koi in their pond at night. I guess we'll never know.

Thank you all. Such a sad day. My one remaining girl seems to miss her companion.
what about rodents?

Sorry for your loss as well....
I'm sorry for your loss. This scares me. I let my girls roam around in my fenced yard all day. Mine are bigger hens though. Don't know what it could be.

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