Dead responsibility?????


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
A long story short...I sold a lady 5 kits of various breeds and ages all being at least 8 weeks old. I dropped them off. She had them and her other rabbits in large separate cages in her extra bedroom .

One week later she emails me stating 2 had died and wondered if I had any kits die from these litters.

I first of all am shocked and saddened that 2 of "my"kits have died.

She apparently didn't want them in her house for the summer and moved all her rabbits to her tin garden shed. It had been(cooler now) but 80(celcius) plus around here during these two weeks, I know our tin shed we keep our lawn mower in is unbearable in that heat.

All of our rabbits had been given frozen water bottles twice daily during that time period and have faired well albeit seeming uncomfortable.

Do you think I am responsible for replacing those kits?

I mentioned the frozen water bottle idea and she replied that she never new rabbits didn't tolerate heat well but still thinks I should replace the kits.

In the future I believe I will ask more questions about housing before placing my kits!
Heck no it's not your responsibility! You raised the kits and put them in her seemingly capable hands. She is the one that did not care for the rabbits properly not did she prepare for the rabbits needs.
No way would I replace them just so she could kill more of them in her ignorance.

And I doubt I'd sell to her again. This isn't a child, or even a first timer, but a supposedly experienced adult.

That's just my two cents.
Thanks guys. I just feel sad. We put alot of effort into raising our rabbits (using the chu method and handling the each daily) and I just wasn't sure whatt my next step should be. I wanted to be fair without jeopardizing any more rabbits.
I'm sorry for the loss of the kits. I know little to nothing about rabbits but did she seem as if she didn't want to learn and all ready "knew" all she needed to know? This might be an opportunity to mentor someone who is serious, not by jeopordizing(wow can't spell, sorry!) any more lives of course! Can you set up a temp. gage in your shed, show her what you do with your rabbits, etc. and possibly approach from a new angle? I certainly wouldn't offer up any kits for certain death or refund any money. However if she seemed sincere in her efforts and seemed intelligent about being educated....I would offer the education and "possibly" replacement kits aat a lessor price. That offer would surely rest on her and my belief in her honesty and efforts though.

So... she admitted to you she shoved them in a hot shed but still blames you for their deaths and demands you fix it?... Doesn't sound like someone willing to learn to me... Sounds like someone who went, "oh well. If they die I'll just get new ones from the breeder" - I got a pair of NZWs from an irresponsible breeder - the buck was three weeks and the doe four and despite nearly losing the buck due to his age and the stress - I came here and got advice and after giving him gas meds and some milk replacer and putting him with the female.... he pulled through and will be 3 months old in 2 days.... so I dunno. Doesn't sound like she gave a crap if they were fine out there or not or she would'ave seen they were distressed a /while/ before they died. I was distracted around that time and STILL realized the buck had a pitiful pile of poop while my doe had a mountain going and that his water wasn't needing changing nearly as often as hers. I mean, the other day it was getting slightly too warm for them and they look like they're pretty much melting in the face from the sweat... I just don't get how she'd lose so many without any reasonable explanation.. like symptoms to tell of.. something.. anything to show they were sick before she got um..
I wouldn't replace the kits. What you could do if you are worried about the wellbeing of the other kits. Is offer her her money back in regards that you get your remaining 3 kits back. Or just offer to take them back if she is worried about them becoming ill too.

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