Dead roosters

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    Last week one of my blue standard EE roosters died. I had seen him the day before sitting in the coop/nest box but I didn't think anything about it as there are two other roosters in that pen and thought maybe they were getting a bit aggressive and he was hiding. The next day he was in the same spot dead. He did seem thin when I picked him up.
    A few days later, I noticed my rooster Satan looked listless in his pen. I took him out, isolated him, and force fed him water with vitamins in it. I had him in isolation for 3 days and he was better and I put him back in the pen(he is anything but thin by the way).
    Today I found my blue Polish roo dead in his pen. I did not think he was sick yesterday because he was eating and drinking. He did look a bit puffed up but it was cold (for Georgia) here yesterday.
    Right now the pens are dry but it has been cold and rainy recently. A few of the hens have fowl pox as well, don't know if that may have anything to do with this. I had not noticed any sign of it on these roosters.
    It really bothers me. I take good care of my chickens. My neighbor used to keep hers in an 8x8 dog pen and throw them feed now and then when she thought to buy it, the rest of the time they got scraps. She almost never changed the water and they lived for years(until I finally got her to give them to me). I go out three times a day (morning, noonish and 7:30 after work)to make sure that my birds have fresh clean water and food and now they are dying.
    Anyway, today they all got vitamins in their water today. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. Keep in mind though, that our feed store is just about useless for medicines for poultry and our TSC just barely got the vitamins and duramycin-10 and so far that is all they have for poultry. I have never had chickens get sick and die out here except from snake bites so really have no idea what I should do here.
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    Sorry about your loss. [​IMG]
    Fowl pox seems to be able to affect chickens from mild to seriously. Don't understnd it well enough to give any advice.
    I suspected Fowl Pox with 2 of mine and I isolated them...tried to boost nutrition, had them on Sulmet as a precaution. They didn't seem to get better until I used some GAllimysin I had in my Chick Vet Box.
    I still don't know if that is what it took to get them through or it was just a coincidence and they would have gotten better anyway. [​IMG]

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