Deaf Rooster?


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
So we're pretty sure our silkie rooster may be deaf. When he is sleeping despite all the noises we make he doesn't wake up unless he happens to see us. We'll whistle or say "hey" loudly and he has no physical response whatsoever. We see him doing the "yawning/clearing his crop" with his mouth open a lot and sometimes shaking his head and scratching his head. Pretty sure this has only happened recently. Could there be something going on with his ears like mites or something that could be causing this? Should we maybe have a vet check him out? We're going to try to look him over really well tonight for mites but I thought I'd throw it out there in case anybody has any ideas! He is an indoor rooster believe it or not, but he has had issues with mites in the past. Thanks!!
Yes take him to a vet and make sure you keep his ears clean. Does he act like there is something in them ?
Not really but he does have a little cut above his ear like he's been itching it. His ears look good as far as I can tell and no mites that I can see. Vet appt Friday so we will see how it goes!

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