Dealing With Spayed Leg

Hokum Coco

9 Years
Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada

I have employed this method on a 6 week old squeaker and have seen an immediate improvement. It is not a severe case of spayed leg (only one leg effected) I will update if the bird makes a complete recovery.
He is improving and getting around better. I will leave it on for a month then remove it to see the result. I found the elastic I employed was cutting circulation. I attached the ends of elastics to zip ties that I encircled around each leg that stopped that problem. He does seem to lay down more than normal I noticed. Plus his gait is different as well.

I took the hobble off today and his leg still shoots out to one side (not as bad as it was originally.)
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Following!! My baby has splayed legs toi but wont perch.

The hobbles in the video definitely are helping my spayed leg pigeon. That being said I know he will never be normal. One thing I did different I hooked the elastics onto zip ties (if found the elastics I am using were cutting into the pigeons legs.)
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