decidedly hermaphrodite.... maybe?


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Oct 21, 2011
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at 27 and 25 weeks... i hear the first whisper of a cock-a-doodle-doo.
seriously? I need your help- have the "ladies" been joking the whole time? is one of them a man?

I was sure these two were girls... now after taking their photos, the one that has always given me pause- questioning it's gender- looks the most female of the two.

meet Camilla, 27 weeks (whom until this photo I assumed female, but those saddle feathers are getting a little pointy-ish.... but I'm new, and he's a really feathery fluffy cochin)
when I got her at 17 weeks, the man was quite positive she was a she- and looking at her hatchmates... she seemed like a she.


and Reepicheep, 25 weeks, bossy as anything- barnyard mutt- and hatched by a duck (no joke) Yes, those wing feathers have been clipped (several times- they keep growing) she loves to fly. And has only just started to get red in the face in the past 3 weeks.


as the "girls" are smuggled into town and are not allowed to be roosters (thereby blowing their cover beyond the immediate neighbours - who are smitten with them I must add!)
could that have been a fake cockadoodledoo I heard this morning? it's was very very quiet, not raspy, just... like some one had done it under a pillow. I'm sure on the hatch dates for both of them.
the black one is really hard to get a photo of that thing never stays still- has the beginnings of red on it's comb, which is flat(ish) to the head, and only just red at the back portion (so far)
The both look like girls to me - BUT I'm not an expert by any means. They're very pretty - and I've read that sometimes a hen will crow.
CarolJ really? ok.. I'll try not to get my hopes up too too much yet... maybe some others with chime in with their thoughts too!
so now I'm running out into the cold every 10 mins in hopes I'll hear some sort of egg song or discover an egg...

but fearing the sound of one of them crowing!
i think that the buff is going to be a rooseter. those hackle feathers are skinny and long and look pointed not at all like a hens hackle should be
the black looks like a hen

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