Deep Litter, Can You Have It in the Run Too?

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    Ignorant beginner here, i.e., I know almost nothing about raising chickens; however, I'm going to have some blue Orpingtons to hatch on May 13th. I've been reading the posts/replies about "deep litter", and I'm definitely going to use it inside the coop that I'm going to build inside my one-story horse barn. I will use a 12-foot by 12-foot area (144 square feet) for a pen inside the open barn. It will be like the chickens are outside when the two large sliding doors of the barn are open. Inside the pen/run I am going to build a coop that 8 feet by 8 feet and six feet tall (64 square feet), i.e., 80 square feet for the run.
    Again, the coop will have deep litter. Is it also alright to have deep litter in the run also since it will be inside the barn and will never be rained on. Thanks!
  2. I use hay in the coop and since they have cleaned all the grass from the run I usually throw them a large slice of hay or straw in the run. Half the top is covered with a blue tarp and half open just wire to keep out the hawks, Don't seem to have any problem with them.Using hay in the coop makes it easier to clean and i use the hay from the coop for my garden.
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    Apr 19, 2008
    Hi, this is a different question about litter and runs that I have.
    Can you use the deep litter method in a run thats outside? (ie: with a roof made of wire-not covered against rain or snow.) Can you use shavings period? Or would i just use dirt and then cover that with sand?
    And one more, should you scoop out the poo or just let it sit?
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