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Nov 10, 2020
I'm not sure if this is the correct thread, but here goes. I'm new at chickens. I have four 15-week pullets outside that I bought as chicks from a feed store. They are doing fine. Three weeks ago, I ordered six chicks from a hatchery. Three survived. The new chicks are in the house in a crate. Of those three, one was lame. I first thought it might be straddle leg, so I hobbled her, then I put the "shoe" split on her curled toes. Nothing seemed to help as the whole leg seems twisted. After two and a half weeks and a lot of trauma for her changing out the hobbles and splints, I un-hobbled and un-splinted her. Nothing had changed. I call her "Scootch" as she scoots around - she can eat and drink, but she hides most of the day from the other two chicks. I saw her cuddle with them once, but that was the only time. She gets where she wants to go, but that is almost always with her face in a corner. She's not growing as fast as the others and is only half their size, but with the luck I've had at the hatchery, I could be looking at the other two being roos. They are not going after her as yet. She chirps constantly, but not screeching as if in pain. I don't know if I should cull her or continue to wait and see if she will be able to get around. Thoughts?


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What hatchery did you get them from?
Meyer. I should not have ordered in the winter, as I live in Colorado. That's on me. They refunded me for the two chicks that died within 48 hours, but the other one died a day later - outside the window for refund. Though I picked up the chicks immediately, they likely were in the cold in a truck too long, despite the heating pack. As luck would have it the weather turned frigid the day of shipping. Don't know yet on the bigger chicks -hoping for hens and no sign yet of being roos (combs/wattles.) I don't want to get down on the hatchery - they were nice people. It was just a heartbreaking experience, though. I guess buying from a feed store hides the reality of how many get lost along the way, so I was naive.
I could try, but I'm wondering if, at nearly four weeks, it would help?
The lower leg itself is twisted. I don't think I can fix that; she's stubbornly hanging on, though. She stands on the one leg and rests her other side on the low perch I have set up. When she comes out of hiding to eat, she eats and drinks heartily. Other than the deformity, she seems very healthy.
No idea. I know animals can live with all sorts of deformities. I'd be more concerned with her size difference and what else might not have developed correctly.
I'll try the hobbling and splitting again. She has such a will to live. The others don't pick on her and are somewhat protective. I ordered a mix of "rare breeds" (not all that rare.) She could just be a smaller breed than the others, which are blue cuckoo marans. Don't know what she is.

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