Deformed Bill on Call Duckling

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  1. Sadly one of my Call Ducklings was Hatched with a deformed Bill...I did not notice till my Husband pointed it out to me because I was still Hatching others..
    It has no Bill on either side, only a strip down the middle and a fat lump on the end...I think its also missing a nostril too....Its extremely small but does eat and drink well...It runs around and plays too....Poor little Ducklings tongue hangs out...The last to hatch yesterday also had the same issue but worse so I had to cull it...:hitThat was absolutely horrid for me....
    I am leaning towards a genetic defect that comes from Lily my Black Call Hen?..Penelope's Ducklings have never had an issue....any insight would be greatly appreciated .....
    I will post a Picture of her/him Soon....

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  2. IMG_2551.JPG IMG_2552.JPG This is the Baby
  3. I have 25 more eggs due to hatch next week....
    No one has anything to offer?.....:th
    I have a suspicion as to the cause but not 100% on my theory ......:confused:

    Very sad culling.....:hit
  4. Poor baby. It's still darned cute in spite of the deformity on the bill. I don't have ducks, but if it is eating and drinking without difficulty and acts otherwise healthy, I would treat it as a special needs baby, make sure it keeps up and isn't getting bullied away from food by the others, and it's bill isn't keeping it from eating enough food. I know some people recommend trying to use a wet mash to help chickens with scissor beak scoop up enough food.

    I'm sure somebody will more experience with ducks will pipe in with better advice.

    Call out to @Ravynfallen and @Dwayneandliz for their opinion.
  5. I already PM Ravyn....
    I feed all my new Ducklings wet soupy feed...This one might need it longer....It does play and chase the others..Its not getting pushed out of the feed or water...Its only real issue is its Bill and how runty it is....
    My Husband is thinking up a way to make it a prosthetic Bill out of fibre glass or plastic when its done growing...?...
    I guess only time will tell?....
  6. IMG_1381.JPG IMG_2578.JPG

    Bouncer at the same age as this tiny Call...:lau
    Same shot glass too....

    Her name is Dandy....Dandelion
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    That is such an adorable pic.

    I am sorry about your lil Call baby but honestly if it is doing as well as you say it sounds like it has an excellent chance at a great life there with you.
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  9. I wonder if I should feed it some Duck yolk cooked daily?
    I tried a warmed yolk but it pugged its nares...That was a panic for sure..Its still the same size as when it hatched..Its alone now till Wednesday when the other Ducklings are due to hatch...I hope it survives...I have no idea...It eats and drinks...I took it out yesterday and it loved to run around on the grass in the sun...

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    I really don't think it's necessary if your feeding a good quality feed for ducklings are you giving it any poultry vitamins in it's water? They can help boost it's lil body. Some swear by yolk but I have never given it to my ducklings. So might give it a try maybe mix it into it wet feed.
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