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Jun 19, 2020
my chickens started laying a few weeks ago and this morning when i collected the eggs i found this one. Is there something wrong with what their eating? (i feed them layena and i give them grit, corn, mealworms and the white shell grit thing) this is my first time raising chickens so I don’t know if there’s something i should be worried about because of this?
first photo is the usual eggs and they are completely fine but the second pic is the deformed one.


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(i feed them layena and i give them grit, corn, mealworms and the white shell grit thing)
Is the granite grit and oyster shell(white grit), kept in separate feeders?
How much corn and mealworms are you giving?
Tho it's probably not anything she is eating, more likely a shell gland problem.
Do all your birds(how many?) lay egg like the nice olive one?

Hopefully this is a one off glitch.
Did you open the egg?
Would be interesting to see the shell thickness.
These two links talk about that.

Egg Quality Handbook

Sumi – Egg Quality

Dos it have anything to do with what you are feeding them? Not unless you are feeding them moldy feed. But when something like this happens I try to decide if it is an individual problem or a flockwide problem. It is not a flockwide problem because your other eggs are fine. To me that means you are not doing anything wrong.

If it is a problem it is a one-hen problem. But if it is a one time thing, well that means it is an oops. I figure we are all entitled to am occasional oops. If it becomes a regular thing then you have a problem with one specific hen. Until it becomes a regular problem, it is not a problem as far as I'm concerned.

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