Deformed toes on this roo chick

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    Deformed toes on this roo chick from some eggs I bought on eBay . The right and left foot is the same . My question is “will this roo sire chicks with this same problem . I have no problem culling him at all but if he sires dark egg layers il keep him . the reason I would keep him is I only have a 5 wheaten , 3 roo and 2 hen .. I would like to have a total of 6 or 8 hens and maybe 2 roo to work on and sell a few chicks or hatching eggs later (months from now) second question is should I use the one roo I have that I know came from great dark egg to start to breed with my two hens to increase my flock . the other 2 roo came from not so dark eggs and one has bad toes il will post a picture so anyone kind enough to help id appreciate it…. Thanks , randy
  2. Ridgerunner

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    I would not use this rooster in a breeding program. The odds of it being genetic are very high.
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    I had a silkie roo that every one of his chicks hatched like that. I was new to hatching and I thought it was an incubator problem, so I hatched some under a broody and they looked the same. I say genetic. Time fore soup!
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    Oct 25, 2007
    personally I wouldn't pick that chick as a breeder
    flock protector yard eye candy yes
    I haven't a clue why or what would cause this.

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