Depression Era recipes..(and others like it)


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..well i figured with all this depression talk going on it may be useful to also have a recipe section where we could all give and get these type of recipes...just in case....

okay, mine is from my grandma...and believe it or REALLY tastes very much like apple pie...give it a try..i think you'll be suprised...


2 cups water
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 Tsp. cream of tarter
Bring to a boil..then add:
22 Ritz crackers
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Tsp. cinnamon
Bake in a 2 crust pie for 15 minutes at 450 degrees.
Really yummy!!
edited to add:..dont stir or mush up the crackers to much when you add them to the liquid..the idea is that the crackers will simulate the chunks of "apple".. inside the pie...
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In the OP defense I just went to the grocery store and happen to look at the crackers which were on sale for 1.75 however the apples were (I could not believe it I left with none) 1.69 a pound for Granny smiths. So I would guess that if you were able to get generic crackers at the dollar store then this recipe would be cheaper. I miss the apple,plum, and apricot trees I had growing up.
..still...maybe you wont have apples handy...then you'll be sorry!!
I went apple picking just yesterday, thank goodness.
I am going to can cinnamon apples and freeze some apple pies and cobblers.I want to do something with the pears too.
We picked 2 bushels of apples and 1 bushel of pears.
The supermarket prices are crazy.
yeah..apples can be expensive.
...i'm going this week to pick some..i'm going to make scrambled egg's apple butter recipe..
My Grocery bill has gone up from $200.00 to almost 300.00 for the same things, I am amazed at the hike in prices. I have been even more frugal and diligent about shopping the sales and keeping track of pricing at each store and looking up their ads on line for the loss leaders for the week so I don't waste gas to get there. My kids have a field trip to an apple orchard this week, I told them to get as many as they can LOL.
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