Designing the Coop from a playhouse/fort


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Oct 11, 2014
North Mississippi
So while I continue to research I do have a play house/fort my kids never use that I would love to turn into a chicken coop! My husband overbuilt sooo that pretty much means that it can hold 8 grown adults up top and is all ready for a nesting area, roost and a few other things.

I am only considering getting up to 6 chickens and the kids have decided they would love at least 2 Silkies and 2 Easter Eggers

I am not 100% decided on using the fort but it is floored so scary chicken eaters wouldn't be able to dig and we have no neighbors behind us so noise is not an issue. Seems like a no brainer right?

I would have to definitely make a secure run attached to it as we foster puppies occasionally and notice large scary birds waiting to sweep them away if we are not careful!



Doors of course would have to be made




I guess more than anything I'm just excited to get started!
I will now drool over everyone's coops while I familiarize myself with the boards!

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