Desinfecting chickenrun after respiratory disease


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Sep 30, 2018
Hi all. My flock got infected with respiratory disease and because I didn't have that many chickens I decided to cull them and start ober again. How would I have to desinfect the chickencoop and their fenced free range area? Could the new birds pick it up with the droppings from the ground or how long would I have to wait until the bacteria causing respiratory disease dies?
Fortunately most repiratory diseases caused by viruses and bacteria only remain alive for days to weeks after the chickens are gone. I would try to remove obvious droppings, and change out the coop bedding. 10% bleach water would be good to clean equipment, and some purchase Vircon-S tablets or sachets and mix that with water for cleaning. Mycoplasma and coryza only remain alive for 3-4 days, while ILT and other viruses may last a little longer, even months in frozen droppings. Keeping conditions dry and providing good air circulation helps. The most important thing is to buy healthy chicks to start out with, and for me, that means from a hatchery where they would not be exposed to any possible diseases from adult birds.
Thanks a lot. I have learned my lesson and will wait at least a few weeks until buying new and perfectly healthy birds

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