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Pls help i dont know what to do..purchased a lion head rabbit today at an was 4 x the rabbit has sticktight fleas so bad and everywhere..i dont know what to do get it some relief..can I bathe it in flea shampoo or spray it with Adama flea spray..i dont want to kill it..but if it doesnt get some help its going to die from the infestation..I feel like they are crawling on me now.. I have cattle ivermectin 50ml..can i use that topically and if so how much? Poor rabbit..I cant believe someone let it get in this condition..they ought to be ashamed of themselves..i wish i would have looked at it better before I bought it..i will know next time..
It's a good thing that you saved it! Goodness I hate when people do that to their pets
I don't know anything about treating rabbits but we have some great breeders her at BYC I think debiraymond might be able to help you if you PM her. I think she knows a lot about rabbits
Well the best thing in this case is to SHAVE him. then he can be bathed with medicated shampoo and treated with some flea powder/cream (I don't know what you have on hand) Give him some electrolytes in his water and a nice dry clean place to stay. Thats bout all the advice I can give, He is lucky someone like you came along to the rescue! If he infested with fleas, he probably has worms, so you should deworm him once he settles down. Good luck!
Ivermectin is safe to use on rabbits, though I've never used it for fleas. The form I usually use is the injectable cattle/swine wormer (name brand, Ivomec). The dose for the 10% solution is 10 cc/5 lbs. The injectable forms can also be given by mouth, if you don't like giving shots. The basic rule of thumb for flea-control products is; if you can use it on a cat, it should be safe for rabbits, too.

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