Deteriorating Wing and Respiratory problem.


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May 10, 2012
I am a new chicken owner and learning off the wing so to speak (bad pun?) I no nothing about birds in general except they have feathers....I'm a horse person. So we went to a sale 2 weeks ago. Bought 1 Samatra, 1 Mutt Rooster, 2 bantys, 5 RIR's, and 7 New Hampshire's. One of the NH's had some funky wing going on. Up near the body it is slightly matted and the the feathers look pretty nasty, and smell rank. She also has a swollen eye that when I open it to drain lets out clear discharge. I gave her a bath with dawn and she stuck her head under the faucet and got some water down her. Now on top of everything else she has a snotty nostril on the left side(right is clear). On top of that I noticed one other NH has some of the same problem and a couple I noticed had a little rattle to them, not bad but enough for me to notice. I don't know if it's irrelevant or not but it seems they are redder around the eye area. I took some pictures of the eye and the wing.

I treated teh wing with iodine and med powder. I don't know what to give for the rattle, eye or to fix the wing problem. I tried to ask 3 vets about it and they don't do birds or chickens. I'm in a predicament and need some good advice Thanks.
You have a serious infection going on with your whole flock. You need to look up the different diseases on here to help you. You can go tot he feed store and start with Tylan 50 to start treating this right away. I'm not sure what exactly you need to do because I haven't gone through anything like this before.
I'm looking but I need pics to look at and am having a hard time. I did a search for blue wing and in one pic it looks similiar to it but all the others i saw where very different so Im not sure thats it. Frustating.
Oh my, just looked at those pics. I'd venture to guess what ever infection they have is secondary to some sort of viral issue.... if they were my birds, I would cull them and decontaminate everything, wait a few months, and get a healthy stock of birds from not where you got these.

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