Devastated by loss (NOT AN EMERGENCY)

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    Jul 28, 2016
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    I sent my EE off for a necropsy today after she screamed, convulsed, gasped for air and died in my arms. She started showing puffed up signs on Sat and I had been treating her. Another one of my 2 remaining chickens can't walk and symptoms are consistent with Marek's. I am heart broken and devastated and am so, sooo confused about how to proceed. A week ago I had 3 active, seemingly healthy pullets chirping and foraging around my yard. Seems like there's a hundred things they could die from before they even reach POL, and then a hundred more after.

    I've brought my remaining 2 chickens inside the house for now until I have more information about what's going on and I'm pretty sure that my 14 week old BR will be an only-chicken before long. I'm hoping that by transitioning her inside while her remaining flock-mate is still alive, it'll lessen the stress when she passes and I'm down to a single chicken flock till I can figure out the best way to bring more in and make sure everyone is safe.

    I don't know for sure that it's Marek's yet and I've read the big Marek's FAQ, along with every other piece of information I can get my hands or browser on about it and I'm still utterly confused about vaccinating vs not. Apparently, being that I live in Southern CA, a temperate zone, Marek's runs rampant and unchecked by a hard freeze or wet conditions in spring.

    I HAVE ordered Ozine and the master fogger jr since WHATEVER is going on needs to be eradicated but I am just heart-sick and defeated right now.

    Any experience or considerations would be MOST appreciated. What do I do?!?!
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    You sound to me like your doing everything right. Isolating the ill chickens and keeping a close eye and getting pro-biotics to help them. I know it sucks losing a chicken I lost my favorite girl last year. I went out to the coop and saw her laying there dead, she was a year old and I still have no clue how she died.

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