Development of Silkie Eggs - HELP!


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Oct 23, 2018
So I recently acquired some silkie eggs, the owner was unsure of how long they had been laid. Out of the dozen, 4 have obviously started developing [there are veins and dark areas and possibly an eye call] (I can post pictures tonight, as my house is bright!) and I'm wondering if there is any site/information on daily development to gauge when I should lock down the developing eggs? I'm new to hatching so at information is appreciated. I just don't want to have the humidity too low to hatch because they surely will come before the others!
Thanks yall!
In the meantime, heres a picture of my 3 babies that made it from the last hatch!
(shipped eggs and only 4 out of 7 developed, the 4th pipped internally with a saddle sac and I was too late in helping :( )

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