DH Made a Drill Plucker Today


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Feb 29, 2008
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He's tried the dry plucking, the wet plucking and decided he wanted a plucker that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Cost him about $13, a PVC end cap, a carriage bolt, washers and nut, and some rubber bungees. Whether it works is another story.

For now he's eying my last extra roo or guinea but he heads to hunting camp tomorrow. They're safe till he returns next weekend.
He won't take pictures till he tests it out! I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to upload a video, we only have dial-up. Not only that but our video camer is an old VHS tape style. No idea how to convert that to digital!

I'm stuck in the 80s digitally speaking.a
I just looked at a link someone else sent to a kit you could buy for about $25 to make a drill plucker. It looks like the one you described but with rubber fingers.

Have you tried your homemade one yet? How well did it work? I'm more interested in making my own rather than buying a more expensive kit if I could.
I made one of these, and I love it! I think it cost $13 and took me about an hour to put together...most of that time was spent trying to convince the bungee pieces to pull through the holes I drilled. I found a link here to homesteading today that had pics and directions. I used it to defeather 9 roosters (cx) that were 14 weeks old and it did a good job on everything but the wing tips. Just make sure you use an electric drill as the battery ones don't have enough speed. Karla Also, I held the drill so I could maneuver it around the bird, but most people strap it to a table and move the bird. tomato, tomatoe
DH is out there plucking a duck as I type. I took some photos as soon as I get them downloaded and resized I shall post them.

At this point he's pretty pleased with himself I think.


Look for photos by supper time.
This is a duplicate reply as there are a few active plucker threads right now

My large plucker:
4" Drain(not schedule 40) PVC using a 5/8 threaded rod for the center because
it couples easy with my variable speed buffer. This same design can be used
with 3/8" rod so it fits in a standard drill.

My drill type plucker:
Works ok. 4" Drain PVC Cap with a 3/8" threaded rod.


I plan to build an enclosure around my larger plucker & shorten the length on the

I really should buy some plucker fingers.

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