DH would like to know will the eggs be blue if an EE is crossed with a

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    SSH or black sex link rooster?

    I'm so excited that he's taking an interest in the chickens. A friend at work is looking for blue EE egg laying birds. Will I get blue eggs, white eggs or brown eggs?? I advised DH it is much better to just find an EE rooster; the look on his face was priceless--no more roosters. But if he's the man to do the job . . . .Advice please.
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    Assuming your EE lays blue eggs, it depends on if she carries two copies of the blue egg gene or not. If she does, then all pullets sired by a SSH should lay blue eggs, or green if you use the sex link. If your EE only carries one copy of the blue egg gene, then you can expect half of the pullet offspring to lay blue and half to lay white from the SSH or half green and half brown from the sex link. If you want blue eggs specifically, I would use the SSH and select the pullets with pea combs. The pea comb gene and blue egg gene are closely linked.
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    Offspring should lay Green eggs.

    Blue X Blue = Blue
    Blue X White (eg, Leghorn) = Blue to Light Blue
    Blue X Brown (eg, RIR) = Green
    Blue X Dark Brown (eg, Maran) = Olive Brown


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