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    Hi everyone,

    My mother was diagnosed of having diabetes melitus by doctor about a year ago, she got itch on thigh and loss weight then went to doctor and the doctor came with conclusion she got diabetes after he found out she got high glucose in her blood. The problem is all the doctor said is to prevent consuming sugar and he asked my mother to eat Glicab medicine. About 3 months ago, my mother re check again to the doctor, the doctor said that it got worse now and asked her to consume Glicab and Glucophage.

    I search the web to find out how to deal with this and I found out that the doctor should have tell my mother how to live with it and food diet related to her disease, exercise and many prohibition in food. I really angry with the doctor, he didn't tell the type of diabetes, not also tell my mother to exercise, to go into health food diet, all he said to my mom was to prevent sugar and eat that glicab and glucophage. I do understand this country doctor and hospital can't be trusted but they should give better attention to disease that laid between life and death like this. I've heard many people died of diabetes because of complication here and many lost their limb.

    I'd like to let you know that medical service here can't be trusted, there have been dozens of malpractice every month happen here, the poor refused by hospital because hospital afraid they won't be able to pay medical fee, baby *locked* inside hospital because his/her parent can't pay born fee and more, people dying inside hospital because they can't buy medicine prescribed by doctor.

    I'm not a spoiled man, I've search through search engine (Goo...,Bin.,etc) all I found is page full of article that didn't touch the *core* how to deal with it, I do understand that those websites only produced to be filled with ads and got impression and clicks. I also see this one AAA(I removed the link), first time I get into it, I think this is good site, but I'm wrong, the more I get into it, it resulted in page written with sponsored by, this tips is part of book (advertisement),etc. I also search BYC and only found 1 really related page located in https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=2892786 but that page also didn't give me valuable information.

    Here I asked your help, whoever know how to stay healthy with diabetes (since I heard diabetes is uncureable disease) to help me give my mother better life by sharing to me what food to avoid and what to eat, how to control the glucose better and how to live a good healthy life although my mom have diabetes and other information how to deal with it.

    pardon me if my language was bad and if I use word *unacceptable* in your culture. thank you very much in advance.
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    I wish that I had the answer for you. [​IMG] I'm certain others will chime in with some help soon. [​IMG]
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    b.hromada :

    I wish that I had the answer for you. [​IMG] I'm certain others will chime in with some help soon. [​IMG]

    thank you, I hope so. [​IMG]

    meanwhile, I'll take sleep now, it's midnight here. [​IMG]
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    Hi Mulia!! [​IMG]

    Haven't 'talked' to you in a while!
    Don't apologize for your language skills, okay? We're a very understanding group.

    Your mom would have Type II diabetes, since that's the adult onset form of the diease. You are right; It does not go away.

    Yes, the doctor should've given your mom better info. I like this web site when I'm testing info on a medical subject:

    img/smilies/hugs.gif" alt="hugs" />">http://diabetes.webmd.com/tc/type-2-diabetes-living-with-the-disease-topic-overview

    Hope your mom gets to feeling better. You have to watch out that her meds aren't too much when she starts living a better lifetyle!

    By the way: Don't discount the American Diabetes Association web site! They are a good organization, looking for a cure. They need supporters to help them get information distributed, so that is why there are ads, and references for books. Some people don't like reading on the computer, and want to buy a good reference book. As you read through their material remember that they rely on contributions to further their good work.
    My father had Type II diabetes and learned a lot from the materials he got through the ADA!
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    First find out if its Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes that is the 1st step with type 1 you need insulin to control it with type one medicine and diet will work. first she needs to make sure to watch carbohydrates they will make you blood sugar more regular she can eat vegetables no problem fruit. if you need someone who has a family member with diabetes I under stand my daughter has type 2 diabetes she was an adult when it showed up so either could be what your mom has but type one needs insulin. I hope you can find some answers for you mom. make sure she eats around 6 small meals a day this will help keep her blood sugar more even exercise and diet will help she needs to figure out how to get her blood level checked each day I understand that the medical field there is bad, here my daughter has a small blood machine where she can check her own blood sugar level every day I hope you can find the answers that you need I am here if you need to talk you can PM me if you want will be happy to talk to you and give you as much information and help as I can.
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    First take a deep breath.

    Use the webMd link above, it's reputable.

    She'll need to monitor her food intake, remove out much of the sugars, any alchol (I don't think that's an issue) and watch to not eat too many starches. Small regular meals (200-300 calories) 4-6 times a day can help stabalize her insulin levels. Does she have a blood monitor?

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    A good rule to live by if you have diabetes is to not eat anything white. No pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no sugar. No sugar of any color. No candy. No sweets.

    Sugar turns to glucose in your system very quickly along with breads and other carbohydrates leading to spikes in the glucose level of the sufferer.

    If the glucose gets to high and stays to high, this can damage bodily organs. High glucose levels can also cause the sufferer to go into coma. Glucose levels that are to low can also cause the sufferer to go into coma.

    I highly recommend that you mother get a glucose meter with strips to track her glucose levels.

    I don't know anything about your mother, but would assume she is type 2 since you don't sound young and type 2 diabetes usually affects older adults.

    If she is type 2, weight loss my help her.

    Good luck and God Bless.
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    Is your mother very overweight? For some reason having a gastric bypass helps significantly and not due to the weight loss either. Many are completly reversed and don't have diabetes II anymore. It has something to do with the re-wiring of the insides...

    Look it up on the internet and ask your doctor.
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    I am type II diabetic have been for many years, I also have many complication, because of the diabetes. Your mom need to watch carbs, limit fruit intake, bread NO WHITE BREAD bread cause high spikes in levels, white rice soda's, fruit juices high fat content foods startchy foods potatos, mac& cheese stuff like that. fresh veggies are very good for her lean meat, the stuff that is suppose to be good for us she also needs to avoid fried foods. look up diabetic diet on google it will tell you what is good for her and what is not. OH by the way I am on insulin and am type II. the glucophage and other pills did not work for me so now I take 3 shots of novolog a day and 1 shot of lantus. total of 90 units of novolog and 60 lantus. My levels are still all over the chart even with dieting. also tell her to drink water it helps flush the sugars out of your blood. I wish you luck but with a little research you can find out what for her to eat and what not too. this link might help

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