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    Sep 2, 2013
    Something is going on with my birds. I lost a Cornish rock last week, she was weak and couldn't walk, I brought her in and she died that night. The same day one my americaunas was dragging her wing and was having what appeared to be leg seizures where as she would flop around and fall on her face. She was also running fevers and had bad smelling diarrhea, she died 2 nights ago. I have a RIR that's eye was swollen shut, We gave her antibiotics and got the swelling down but her eye is still not open yet and due to her screwy equilibrium she has a hard time eating and drinking. I also just brought in another RIR that has what appears to be bumble foot (feet swollen and blistered) but her whole entire body is so swollen she is walking like a penguin. Sorry my sentences are run in and improper but I am absolutely devastated here. These birds are everything to me and I can't handle another unexplained death. I was thinking mereks or possibly botulism but they have so many different symptoms its driving me insane. Anyone have any ideas?
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    If you are in the US, I would get a chicken necropsy done on a refrigerated body by the state veterinarian. You could have Mareks, botulism or some other toxin, a respiratory disease, egg yolk peritonitis, or multiple problems happening. Here is a link for your state vet: http://www.usaha.org/Portals/6/StateAnimalHealthOfficials.pdf

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