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  1. I am TIRED of changing DIAPERS!
    For almost 5 years, all I been doing is CHANGING DIAPERS! ARGH!
    Im thinking of going ahead and start potty training my youngest DD, who is 17 months old now. She is consently taking her diaper off so why not? That would give me a few months of a break before the new baby comes.
    But Im just tired of changing DIAPERS! [​IMG]
    When I had DD1, I was still changing DS's diaper. THen just as DD2 was born, DS was fully potty trained but DD1 wasn't. Now I have DS and DD1 fully potty trained and still chainging DD2 and DD3 is on the way. Diapers...Diapers...Diapers! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I think Im going to have a Diaper phobia real soon!
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    Hang in there! I don't envy you. [​IMG] I had three, all were 2yrs apart. Whew!![​IMG]
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    Oh my, you poor thing!
    Hang in there.
    Parenting is exhausting for sure!

    I potty trained DD early... we were rid of diapers by 15 mos! It's do able if your willing to have some accidents & patience.
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    May 12, 2009
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    i say go for it.. my daughter hated her diapers and took them off all the time.. she was potty trained at 16 mos...gl
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    I feel you... really, I do. My oldest son will be 2 in 21 days, my youngest son will be 8 months in 8 days. Plus, the soon to be BIL's son, who is 2.5 and still in diapers (they've been having a heck of a time PT him), so, I sometimes watch him and have to do a diaper changing train in the mornings. It's time for the PTing party to begin with the two older boys (well, continue with the BIL's kid, lol).
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    Amen, Sister!

    I had 4 in diapers at the same time (a newborn, a 20 month old, a 21 month old, and a very reluctant 2 1/2 year old). Anybody have any advice for speeding up the process with a boy? My youngest son is going to be 4 in December and he has absolutely no interest. His little sister is almost completely trained, but that little guy just refuses!

    Have fun!
  7. Quote:Boys are more difficutl then girls, IMO. My son wasn't fully potty trained until a lil after 3 years old. He was in progress but by the time he hit 3 years and 2 months, he was COMPLETELY potty trained.

    What I did was make a game with cherios (what's wrong with my spelling today? I can't figure out how to spell the word, LOL). I put some in the toilet and told him to hit the "TARGET" he had a blast with it. I also did, everytime he uses the potty without mommy telling him to go PEEPEE, he will get a pick of a candy (SUGAR FREE! Im not that NUTS). Every week, I gave him fewer candies and more loud cheering! He is now 4, will be 5 on January 3rd [​IMG] and has helped my nephew get potty trained.

    As for lil miss muffin, DD1, Didn't take much for her, she just followed her brother. Believe me, sometimes that isn't much of a good thing (alot of mopping the bathroom floor) but she eventualy got the fact that she has to sit on the toilet to pee since she doesn't has a big pee pee like her brother, LOL. I just got her fully potty trained this summer, just in time for school! She still has a few accidents every now and then but that's common for a 3 year old.

    This is my first time trying to potty train a 1 year old! My idea, keep the potty in the livingroom (the older kids never used the potty chair, they trained with the big toilet but DD2 likes to PLAY in the toilet so that's out of question). Keep sitting her down on the potty every hour to 2 hours? Hopefully I can get her simi-trained before DD3 is born. DD2 has been taking her diaper off since she wasa 6 months old. I think it's time for her.

    DS born on January 3rd 2005
    DD1 born on June 21st 2006
    DD2 born on June 24th 2008
    and now DD3 is due January 4th 2010
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    My daughter potty trained herself at 14 months. We put her in cloth diapers. A wet rag tied to you butt is a lot of motivation.
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    Go ahead and start. Girls train earlier than boys. McCord6--I thought I invented the Cheerios targets. lol
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    Quote:My mom had us in cloth diapers too. [​IMG] Apparently I knew how to use the potty at 6 months old. The reason being, I was a very sickly baby (I was premature, born with jaundice and was allergic to anything but soy milk and suffered chronic ear and yeast infections. I Must have been a fun baby for my mom!) and I often had to pee in containers for the doctor, so it trained me very early. I'm not sure if I still wore diapers (I'm assuming I did), but when sat on a potty at 6 months I knew what to do. According to my mom, I was fully potty trained at around a year old.

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