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Hi everyone I have four 6 month old hens and 6 14 week old pullets of various breeds. Over the last 3 days I noticed a sharp decline in egg production. My hens usually lay an egg a day each. Two days ago I only got 2 eggs instead of 4 and yesterday and today only one egg. So I started looking for clues. It has been raining for a week here so I haven't spent much time with them. I saw one hen and one pullet pass some watery manure. They are all bright and active out in their run with no signs of discomfort. The only reason I was looking for trouble is because of the egg production. To compound this issue I have three new chickens in an isolation pen/coop they cannot touch my established flock but really there is only about 4 feet between the two pens. These isolated birds did turn up "sick" after I got them and I have been treating them with Duramycin-10 because that is waht I had on hand and they seemed to respond to it. Their main issues were diarrhea and respiratory. All birds are on pine shavings in their coops and grass runs. If I have to take a bird to the vet to get a diagnosis for the flock I will. Sorry for being so wordy! ANY advice would be much appreciated! Thanks guys.
Hey Abooth,
I have had similar problems out of one of my hens. She has had some runny stools and she's been acting tired feeling. I am new at this chicken thing, but I knew she wasn't acting like the others. I have started using duramycin-10 today and added some crushed granite wih heir feed. Are your chickens acting funny or staying hunkered over? My hen that is sick or whatever hasn't laid an egg in a week. The egg production is bothering me. Her poop is runny and green. I don't know enough about chickens to diagnose the symptoms, but if you think we are having similar issues please let me know what has worked for you. Thanks. Sorry I can't really help you.

I just lost a hen that had the same symptoms leading up to her demise. I was treating her with antibiotic water with no improvements.

I sought advice at the local Agway. When I mentioned the diarrhea and lethargic activity he suggested a de-worming product. Probably too little too late. I noticed as I was trying to eye-dropper fluid to her, the neck was filling up with liquid.....and when I would set her down.....it would come out. I'm guessing because the stomach was impacted. I put her down.

I treated the rest (2 hens, 1 roo) with the medicine. I have only had chickens for a year or so and had never heard of de-worming. The guy at Agway said to treat the flock every 3 months or so.
Thanks for your input guys. Mater man I will probably take a couple of the girls to the vet if this keeps up. I will post here to let you guys know what she says. I'm sorry you had such bad outcomes. My girls are not acting sick. No eggs today but I saw normal manure from two of them today. So Thursday is payday I should have an answer by then if I still haven't gooten any eggs I will take them in. I don't care if they areb taking a break from laying eggs but I know this is an indication that something may be wrong.
I went to the CO-OP and TSC and both places told me that the FDA didnt have an approved de-wormer for laying hens. The Wazine 17 I used for my chickens stated that you could eat the chickens two weeks after giving them the de-wormer, but is that not the same as eating their eggs. I only bought chickens to eat the eggs and some young pullets that I plan on raising. Is their a FDA approved de-wormer either one of ya'll know of?
Thanks for the replies about your chickens maybe this will help me treat my chickens.
Folks on here seem to use wazine 17% the dose I found is one ounce wazine pr gallon of water. Give this as the only source of water for 24 hours. If you use wazine you have to repeat it after 14 days to get the eggs that have hatched. Or I think you can use a more broad spectrum dewormer one time, like ivermectin, folks say you only need a pea size amount even smaller for bantams it comes in a paste used for horses. I think they have this one at TSC. On both of these I don't know when you can eat the eggs. But it seems like if you can eat the meat you should be able to eat the eggs. Hope this helps. Allison
i think you are correct. Agway gave me PIPERAZINE-17. Poultry dosing is NOT on the instructions. When i asked, they guy said its good for poultry and that its only 2 table spoons for 3 gallons.

Good point about the 2nd treatment in 14 days.....Agway didnt mention that.
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