Diarrhea in 1 of the girls

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    Jul 26, 2014
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    As best I can tell, that is. I got started pullets from MacMurray, so they're all between 19-22 weeks of age. Not super approachable, naturally enough, since I didn't hand raise them. Most of the poop on the poop sling, and littered around the coop and run, is a nice firm turd of greyish and white. There are a few that are unformed, gravy brown, and mucusy, and I've seen a few of these for 3-4 days. Nobody appears to have a dirty behind, nobody is acting noticeably different than the rest of them. No different smell, as best I can tell, but I DO have hay fever, and may be missing the odor. I have 2 Delaware, 2 cuckoo Marans, and 2 Australorps. Delawares and Marans are molting, going by the feathers I see around. I bought chick starter when I paid for the birds, and that's in their water, which is in a covered bucket that has a hose to watering cups (which are working wonderfully). Oh, and nobody's laying yet.

    Any recommendations on what I should do?

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    As long as they look active and alert, and are eating well, I wouldn't worry. What you are seeing is probably cecal poops which occur every 9-10 times they go. Cecal poops can resemble caramel or chocolate syrup. Even watery stools are common after a thirsty hen drinks a lot of water.

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