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    I just bought 21 straight run birds (or hatch run...however you say it) I had ordered them so I didn't choose them bird by bird. Now I'm worried that that's code for "all roos" Did I just make a huge mistake? We did this because we wanted a roo from each breed we bought (7 light brahmas, 7 Whyndotts, and 7 Barred Rocks) so that we could stop buying chickens from the store and incubate instead. We're planning culling the flock and keeping one or two of each bird which is why we went straight run...but now I'm really worried I just bought a ton of roos. *sigh* Thoughts?
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    Theoretically, straight run means as they grab them out of the hatcher, so by ordering straight run you should get about 50/50. It doesn't always work out that way, but...
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    Pullet- Straight female chicks
    St Run- Unsexed chicks boxed after the hatch. There is no guarantee how many roos are hens that you will get, it is the luck of the drawl.
    Cockerels- Straight male chicks.

    You will most likely have a few more roosters than one of each breed, but they shouldnÂ’t all be roosters. Sometimes purchasing chicks from TSC or from a barrel someplace that is open you may get more hens or roosters (depending on the breed) in a straight run setting. This is because you may have someone come in and empty out the straight run bin and take the sex that they want out leaving more males around.

    My Straight runs from-
    25 OEGB (Ideal)- 15 hens 10 roosters
    10 Barred Rocks (TSC)- 10 hens 0 roosters
    10 Buff Orp (TSC)- 4 Hens 6 roosters
    6 Cornish Rock (TSC)- 2 Hens 4 roosters
    25 Brahmas (Ideal)- Still unknown

    Hope you get lucky,
  4. phoenix_rising

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    As long as I get at least one hen of each breed I'm fine. Though I'd really rather not deal with that many roos until it's time to ready them for the freezer.

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