Did I miss something?


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Or have the "Winner" awards stopped going out? Do they just go to people who win the larger BYC contests now?
Nope, no changes yet, so anybody who won an official BYC contest should get an award. If we missed any winner awards, please email the following to [email protected]:

1) A direct link to the post (right click the post # or date and copy link) in the contest that states who won
2) The username of the person that should have a winner award but didn't get one.
Do scavenger hunt winners count? I was waiting for the awards to appear after the first round, which was a few months back.
Oh sweet! Thanks, Nifty.

Sorry if I sounded naggy about the whole thing, I couldn't help noticing the sudden decline.
I suppose you are very busy with the new nomination awards though, and other things.
im still waiting on my GF membership i should have got for having a breed page passed in the other breed directory.......then i was told id have to wait till 4 or 5 people had one before they gave them out. this was october...surely 4 or 5 people have submitted a breed page by now?

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