did my chicken poop out an internal organ?? [GRAPHIC PHOTO]


10 Years
Apr 25, 2013
I found something disturbing in the nest box today. The picture isn't great, because I tried to remove it from the pine shavings before I took the picture. Can someone tell me what it is?? I'm afraid one of my chickens lost an internal organ!

1. egg without shell
2. yellow, fatty looking substance that was right next to the egg
3. thin, tube-y thing that connects to...
4. a pinkish blob

None of my chickens are acting sick or anything, but should I be worried? I have one hen that hasn't laid in months... I wonder if it's hers?
Thanks Grain Gypsy... I believe that may have been the problem with my hen. I made the decision to cull her today :( I think she may have been suffering... not sure, but it's hard to tell with chickens sometimes. And since I'm a small backyard farmer and keep chickens solely for the purpose of getting eggs, it wasn't practical to keep her anymore.

It was my first time culling a hen, and I was a bit scared to do it. But I knew when I started this adventure in animal husbandry that I would most likely be faced with a problem like this at some point. So, I feel sad she had to go, but glad at the same time that I had the gumption to do the task. Chicken raising has been quite an adventure, lots of ups and downs along the way!

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