Did my quail just go broody?


Jul 12, 2020
Greenville, SC
I went to go check on my quails this morning to find like 14 eggs in a small hole, all in one spot. later, after I collected them, I went to go fill their water and one of the hens was laying where the eggs had previously been. I didn't think too much about it until another quail passed by and she charged after her, and then returned to the spot. I'm starting to think she went broody! either that or she just likes that spot...
My hens that are often broody will lay their eggs in a favorite corner, they roll other eggs they find into that corner as well. When I take the eggs, the first one back gets to claim what I assume is the best sleeping area, and will growl and warn others away. Prior to me taking the eggs, the broodies and the males often warn others away, but share egg duties with each other. I have never let them brood eggs, but I think quail reset very quickly after they lose the eggs, and the spot where the eggs are is probably just a popular spot, which is why eggs were there in the first place. Once the danger (me) is gone, they vie for the best accommodations.

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