Did they raise your feed 20% lately?


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Tampa Bay
I was shocked and outraged when one of my local feedstores charged me 20% more for feed than 3 weeks ago. Gamebird starter went from $12.50 to 15.00 layer pellets from $10.30 to 12.50 and they call it "little bit increase" blaming feed wholesaler.

They also charging state sale tax on gamebird feed claiming this is legal.

I am going to check other outlets in the area and if this is a bogus, those price gaugers are going to lose steady customer for good.
Feed prices have been going up across the nation.

Collection of sales tax on game bird feed is not only legal, but required by the state of Florida.

Florida has a sales tax exemption on poultry feed, but poultry is defined as "domesticated birds for meat or egg production". Game birds are not domesticated, hence the term "game" birds.
Ours actually went down by a dollar a few weeks ago, surprisingly. I got bags of cracked corn, sweet feed, and scratch for $9 instead of the usual $10+. I remember the days when sweet feed for horses was $3 a bag and we'd buy extra to feed to all my horse's pasture-mates. I miss those prices.
not just across the nation but in Canada too, I went to buy feed last week and I was told the prices went up on all feed except scratch the price hike ranged from 1-3 bucks more. I didn't think anything of it at the time. this week I went and got 2 bags of layer and usually I pay 28 today I paid 32. Its not bad yet, but we will see what happens this winter.
I just got back from reading the latest market news. Grain futures were really up last week, but have dropped sharply this week. The markets are highly volatile right now with speculation on how well the U.S. harvest will be and whether shortages in Russia and China will lead to greater export demand.
My uncle is a farmer/mill operator and he warned me several weeks ago that all feed prices would go up. Corn crops did not do well this year and this is one of the reasons.
great explanation!!

my neighbour came to me at the end of august and asked me if I have given any thought of returning my land to growing wheat. He said things weren't looking great this year for grain. Before I bought this farm it was nothing but wheat but it was all harvested before I moved in. I think I might grow my own grains next summer. I got 48 acres currently only using 5 acres. I think this might be a good boost just for my family and some neighbours.

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