Did this always used to happen?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by max13077, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I'm not saying it never happened like this before, or maybe I just never picked up on it. However does is seem like whenever something happens in the news, it's going to cost us more? Practically every story I read, watch, or listen to has some financial impact line written into the piece.

    Refinery fire in wherever, gas is going up!!! Tanker runs aground in Portugal, crude oil goes up!! Floods in Iowa, corn prices soar!!! Hotdog cart hit by delivery truck, wieners through roof!!!

    It just seems like absolutely everything impacts prices violently and immediately. I'm sure things had inpact. But was it always like that?
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    Quote:I just giggle snorted. Out loud. [​IMG]

    Yes, I think they'll use any excuse to raise prices on anything right now.
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    * No. -- but if "news" is not negative, sensational and scary to SOMEBODY nowdays, it's not "news". The thing I have also noticed is that, if it IS all of those, occasionally our local news will run the story as if it is brand new-- "news just in" for a whole week, if nothing comes along to top it.
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    AMEN ,dk...
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    Yes, it was always like that. Remember the late 1970s with a similar kind of stagflation economy? It was a big deal then too.

    Also tea shipments, during the Boston Tea Party. And Middle Eastern goods like spices and silk during the Crusades. And English piracy interfering with the cost of continental European goods in Elizabethan times.

    And people complained about it then too. Eventually, economics finds a way around it, but it might just take a couple hundred years of poverty and misery first. [​IMG]
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    * When we really noticed it was when we went on vacation and spent 2 days watching some other area's "scare tactic" news!!! Forest fires are gonna be worse, Traffic and smog are gonna be worse. It's gonna be hotter and that means the murder rate is gonna go up, up, up. ON AND ON!!!! That made us more aware of the sensationalism and doomsaying when we saw it back home. It's disgusting.

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