did we really need a stalker button?

I'm just getting the hang of the 'new BYC' what's the stalker button I want to keep away from it, I won't use twitter or facebook. and your right why do we need it.
If I hover over a person's name, I get several choices, among them "Follow Member". This is so I can easily see new posts from wise and helpful members, like Speckled Hen, and I can tell when someone who's been out for a while, like dawg53 or patandchickens, posts again.

On the other hand, if I'm annoyed by someone's posts, I can choose "Block Member". Then I can resist the urge to say cutting things and make work for the mods

Great features, both of 'em!
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On the "old BYC," people could track your posts by searching for your username and then choosing to view all of your posts. "Follow" does make it a little easier to, well, "follow" someone, but it's not a new capability.

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