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    [​IMG] In July, I got my point of lay hens (16 and 18weeks old)...The brown egg layers started laying between 25-29weeks old! Well, today I got my very first colored egg--- the prettiest dark aqua egg you ever did see TODAY.... And I had the pleasure of being in the coop and actually saw it being delivered!! VERY exciting... But this girl waited until the coldest day of the decade---17* last night... I had gone out at 8 to defrost the water and let them out and she came running in, jumped up into the nest box and scratched EVERYTHING out of it.... it just so happens that she ended up facing the rear of the box so her rear was visible... I am soooo excited---

    I was amazed at the other Ameraucanas and EE, they came in to the coop, jumped on to the roost directly across from where she was feverishly scratching out the shavings...and just watched and waited... After she got down, they jumped down and continued their morning routine.... LOL

    I wanted to post pictures, and took about 30 but not one of them really shows the true color... I tried it with a brown towel, a white paper towel, yellow tissue paper, with a light, w/out a light, in the sunshine and in the shade.... I am going to try to do it in complete dark with a flash and see what I get...
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Congrat's!
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    Congrats! Those first eggs are sure special and you had to wait an extra long time for yours. I hope you can get a good picture, mine lay shades of green. I think a blue one would be very cool. Are you going to blow it out and save it? [​IMG]

    My son loves the EE's best. He's adopted the beardless, muffless pullet and named her Little Girl. She finaly started laying a couple of weeks ago, kind of an ugly (Shhhh, I did not say that!) army green egg. You would have thought he won the lottery. He's already making plans to bring some to school when they have Dr. Seuss day for green eggs and ham.
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    My Coop

    I have a green egg laying EE, but want some blues, so I'm going to add pure Ameraucana's at some point.
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    Maybe she turned her butt towards you so you knew for sure that was her special egg!
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    [​IMG] We need pictures!!!!!

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    [​IMG] Congrats!

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