Difference between Opal and Bronze?


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
In studying the photos it looks like the difference is wing color and pattern. I know there must be more to it than that.

At first I was thinking there was a big difference in the shading on the necks but now the more I look the more I see a lot of resemblance.
Is there any difference in the eye feathers?

Thank you for any info to this peafowl newbie!
Thank you both for the info.
I have been to Conner Hills website many times as I research and try to learn as much as possible.

I am thinking it is the photos that give me the impression that other then the wing color and pattern, they are very much alike. Even the 2 pairs that I have been given, I am trying to see if it is what I have been told.

You are right, they do look a lot different in person but I don't get to see mine as well as I want right now as they are yet at my farm. I can only gaze through the fence as they stay as far from me as possible and pace.
Bronze are brown:

Opal are grey:

These are both the "Black Shoulder"/"Solid Wing" variety.

Not my photos.
Fabulous! The photos together like that help me much more! These are most obvious.

And correct me if I am wrong....these 2 pictured are both considered black shoulder?
I actually think a bronze looks more like a charcoal. The only difference to me is the bronze has the shine on the neck and the charcoal don't.
Oh, okay! The Bronze that is in the pen that I am getting does have the shine on the neck and the person giving him to me wasn't sure if he was a true Bronze but the more I ask and the more you all answer the better I am learning all these colors and shades.

When I took him some Guinea keets today he said he may give me his Cameo male, too. He hasn't much use for him right now but may later want to breed a female Peach to him. Since we live about 3 miles apart, we could do some breeding and trading later.

He did tell me I was right about the other pair, that they are Opals. He could not remember the name of them before. I am happy with anything he doesn't want but hope I can build as fast as he gives them to me.

Thank you all for the photos and explaining all this to me!

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