Difference in development in eggs, and no movements.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bzbrown, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. bzbrown

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    I've got two eggs in my homemade still air bator. Eggs came from a local BYC'r not shipped.

    Today is day 17.

    One egg is very full with exception of the air sac. The other egg resembles an egg (based on candle pics from the site) around day 14 or 15. Both were active and moving yesterday!

    Today movement could not be detected in either egg.

    The smaller egg (less devoloped one) has two dark spots that appear to be on the inside of the shell. The kind of look like they "ran" down the side of the shell. They were not present yesterday.

    The bigger egg (literally bigger, and longer than the other) looks like a ready to hatch egg, but I couldn't see even the slightest hint of movement.

    There has been no drastic loss or increase of temp. I upped the humidity last night. It had been around 20-30 on it's own, and I've been slowly increasing it in anticipation of lock down.

    I'm thinking the small egg quit? As for the other does it sound like it's ready to hatch? Is it common to detect no movement. I'm not going to candle either egg anymore, I will try not to candle either egg anymore.

    Advice please :)
  2. GrannysRoost

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    The small one may have quit if it looks different, but I would leave in if it isn't leaking or smelling. Sounds like the larger egg is full of chick! Good luck! [​IMG]
  3. bzbrown

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    Updating. The little one is for sure not doing anything else (but still in bator) the big one is nice and full and I detected internal movement (aka I candled....again). Done candling, humidity is up. Depending on whose calendar you go by, mine or my husbands today is day 18, so I'm just going to let nature do it's thing now.
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    OOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOOHHHHH! Starting in the morning I am free all day! Let me know if anything happens. I am waiting until Thursday to candle mine again.
  5. bzbrown

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    Yuppers! I've got your number, and I'm watching. I was so excited to see him move this morning. Will update when something happens lol.
  6. cmom

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    I candle on day 10 and day18 when I put the eggs in the hatcher. Any that are clear go bye bye. There have been some times when I marked an egg thinking it was a quitter but the shell was pretty full but not as full as usual and on day 21 to day 23 the marked eggs hatched to my surprise. One egg I was going to toss on day 23 and when I picked it up I heard peeping. It had pipped the bottom side of the egg. I chipped some of the shell away and moistened the membrane and put it back into the hatcher and it hatched. Good luck and keep the faith... [​IMG]

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