Different age goslings


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7 Years
Apr 12, 2015
Montgomery, TX
I purchased three goslings almost a week old and they are almost three weeks old. One of them passed away this week from wry neck.

All season long I have had an order for a trio of African from Meyer for their last available date on 6/17. I was intending to cancel it when I located these three. My pair of geese will be 5 weeks old at that point. Would I need to wait until the new ones were 6 weeks old to integrate them?
At least have them side by side with some kind of clear separation. That way when your youngest are around 3-4 weeks they may be ready to go in with the older ones. Plus once your new babies are over shipping and on their feet good you can let them be together as long as your there in case someone wants to be a bully!
I made a separation for my 2 week old Runners and newly hatched by using a scrap piece of hardware cloth wrapped the edges in gorilla tape and that became their separation.

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