Dipsy I need more eggs!

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  1. My eggs haven't hatched and we are on day 22. I thinnk they got too hot one day my hubby came home and said the bator was on 110 degrees. Now, I can't try on some of my own eggs because my rooster didn't get into the coop and froze to death.[​IMG] He was kind of onery, but wanted to try some of his eggs. I found him lastnight. The weather here is down in the single digits right now, and is freezing.

    So Dipsy, (Lisa) I want to try some more eggs, if I can.
  2. I'm so sorry, Jada! I think 110 is a little too hot [​IMG]

    What flavor you want to try? I can't remember right off what you were hatching.

    Sorry about your roo. It must be reallly cold there now.

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  3. Hey Lisa,
    I would like some silkies and cochins however you spell it. If you have them, that is.

    The rooster was really onery to my daughter and would chase her.
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    Jada, if you had your rooster with your hens, they should lay fertile eggs for a while after being seperated from the roo. if you want another rooster like you had, hatch some of your hens eggs, and maybe you will get a one.
  5. How long are they fertile for after they are seperated? My eggs are selling to the local people like hot cakes right now. I might steal a couple of them out though.
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    i heard about 3 weeks to a month
  7. [​IMG] That's true, I didn't think of that! Your girls' eggs should be fertile for a while.
    I'll email you about the Silkie and Cochin eggs.
    Can you handle chicks hatching over Christmas [​IMG]

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  8. I candled my eggs last night and didn't see any blood spots, how would I know otherwise?

    Lisa, I don't know what we will be doing over Christmas yet as it's too far off. I'd better wait cause next week I have to go down to my mom's and help her she's having surgery.

    Let's wait til after the 1st of the year.

    I checked my eggs lastnight and all but 3-4 weren't fertilized, and the others had formed.

    It's so stinking cold right now, so we will wait. It's 6 degrees F this morning, and has been that cold here since Monday night.
  9. Ok Lisa I am ready for the eggs if you have them. We decided to be home over Christmas. Thanks a bunch! I tried sending you a pm but your box is full.
  10. Hi Jada!
    I'll email right now.
    My PM is full / out-of-comission, but my email works fine [​IMG]


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